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Hand Slaughtered Halal Food

Top Halal restaurant in Scarborough made the cut because of the quality of our food and good service. And of course, We are Serving HMA certified 100 Hand Slaughtered Halal Food.

Our Plan

Our plan to start our own food business However, finding a suitable place with an energizing neighbourhood was a challenge.

We finally found the most appropriate place on Kingston Road.

Best Service

We provide a a variety of food styles from individual plate service to family style platter service.

About Us


Sultan BBQ & Grill are proudly serving satisfied customers with HMA certified 100% Halal food. With the qualifications of a trained chef  for restaurants and having been recognised into the good chefs in scarborough area. The chefs add their own taste to each and every dish.

Weekend Breakfast

Breakfast is ready on weekend for all our respected customers which includes Halwa
Puri, Chana, Aloo Bhujia & Lassi only in

What We do, We do Best

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Menu Items
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Yes! We Do Catering

7 items Min. 35 People

$8.99 /person

8 items Min. 30 People

$9.99 / person

9 items Min. 30 People

$11.99 / Person

9 items Min. 30 People

$13.99 / per person


Our Best Offers

We don’t just make food, We Make you Happy!





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